Finding the right bike is a joyous experience. That’s what we live for, and it’s what we are exceptionally good at. 

At Velofit, we care about getting the right bike for the customer.  So, whilst we stock some of the most desirable products and brands that cycling has to offer, we don’t want to ‘just sell’ a bike.

We have special affiliations with the well-known brands Trek Bikes, Scott, Frog, Optiek Van Gorp / Oakley and Microscooters but we also advise on the entire market. Here’s an example of the other brands we deal with

  • Giant
  • Liv
  • Look
  • Dawes
  • Raleigh
  • Tifosi
  • Cinelli
  • Enve
  • Syncros
  • Shimano
  • Vittoria
  • Novatec
  • And many more

Fancy something a little more bespoke? We can take any of our bikes and can adapt the geometry and componentry to exactly suit your ideal position and elevate your enjoyment and cycling to new heights. Read below for more details.

Want to make your appearance more individual, click here for examples of the Optiek Van Gorp Oakley sunglasses that we have in the shop.  These can be personalised to ensure you are looking great whilst safely protecting your eyes and viewing the world through high definition, industry leading optics.

Bike Fitting

A proper bike fit is an essential factor for any cyclist. A professional bike fit aims to give you

  • greater comfort
  • better performance
  • more efficient technique
  • better injury prevention

Velofit use the Trek Precision Fit system to provide an unparalleled bike fitting service.  We believe that all cyclists can benefit from a bike fitting.  There is no minimum speed or proficiency that needs to be passed before you have a fitting.

During a fit, we will complete a thorough bio-mechanical assessment of a rider’s size, flexibility, strength, performance and medical issues.  From there we can ensure the bicycle fits the rider perfectly.  We refuse to allow people leave our premises where a rider is forced to fit a bike!  This will boost safety, comfort, efficiency and potentially, outright performance.


At Velofit, we know a child’s bike has to be light and fit comfortably. It should be designed to meet their specific needs to maximise their enjoyment.  We also think about parents – years of experience has taught us that it’s a false economy to save money on an initial purchase only to discover that a child won’t be seen on a mass produced, heavy bike that spends more time rusting in a garden shed and the council refuse site.

For these reasons we concentrate on Frog Bikes.  They are a highly reputable company – established and dependable. They have high resale values and produce lightweight bikes.

Bike Types


With the amount of choice these days it’s especially important to get a bike that suits your lifestyle, and your budget. It doesn’t follow that the best option will be the most expensive.


Road Bikes – designed to be ridden fast on smooth tarmac. They have thin tires and “drop” handlebars, and can be used for pleasure, training and road racing. They are usually lighter than other types of bicycles and are not capable of carrying heavy loads.

Cyclocross Bicycles – these are a special type of road bike designed to be ridden on a combination of smooth and rough surfaces.  They have a drop handlebar like regular road bikes, but the tyres are wider and come with disc brakes.  They can make very good commuter bikes, because of their versatility, durability, and in most cases, their ability to carry light loads.

Hybrid bikes – as the name suggests, we have a mix of different themes within this bike category.  They will have mountain bike flat-bars on a road bicycle frame.  They have most of the advantages of regular road bike frames yet allow for a very relaxed seating position. These bikes are sometimes called fitness bikes or commuter bikes. Most of them can accept somewhat wider tires, to make them suitable for use on unpaved paths if needed.

Fixed-Gear Bicycles – aka “fixies”, these were originally designed to be ridden on a velodrome, which has a banked oval track specifically for racing.  However, if converted to single speed bikes, some commuters prefer to use them as their simple design makes them very easy to maintain. They can have drop or flat handlebars.

Mountain Bikes – these are designed for riding rough off-road trails. They have flat or upright handlebars, and a very low gear range for pedalling up steep paths. Most mountain bikes have some type of shock absorbers or suspension.  Mountain bikes can be outfitted for use as touring or commuting bikes, although they are not as light or efficient as a traditional hybrid bike.