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Step into our ‘theatre of spin’ and experience high quality tuition in our dedicated spin room. Here’s our formula

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 Next Generation
Spin Bikes

Classes run every morning and weekday evenings.

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We have 2 main types of ride.


The Classic. Switch the disco lights on, turn the music up and spin to the beat of the music. Feel the combined energy of the room, moving as one, to a common goal. Be prepared to sweat. Most rides are 45 minutes of effort. Includes upper body workout.

The BEAT classes are suitable for all, but we also have BEAT classes specifically for BEGINNERS. Have a look at the timetable below for times. 


Our signature class and our opportunity to use the Stages Spin Bikes in their full glory. 

This is the fastest growing indoor bike routine in the USA. It's HIIT training on a bike and suitable for all. Those with a more analytical outlook to exercise or performance athletes will really appreciate the structure. The music takes a back seat. The lighting takes a back seat. This is all about you and what you want to achieve. These classes are structured to make you stronger and fitter, whether it’s for general fitness or specifically for the road.

To get the most from our performance classes you should consider getting an FTP score (power measurement). Our VELOFIT: ESSENTIALS classes have an FTP Test within them.


We have the next level of indoor cycling by using the next generation of Spin Bikes - the Stages SC3.

  • Connected - Built in power meters and central console 
  • Adaptable - Easy seat and bike adjustments
  • Gears - Ideal for HIIT training. Sprintshift by Stages enables super quick changes in intensity, which provides a more realistic cycling experience
  • Accurate - the bikes are very finely calibrated so it doesn't matter which bike you ride on, the readings and workout be the same.  





How To Start

Starting at the studio is super easy. Here’s how plus a few helpful tips

  1. First, you will need to register your details on the booking platform and purchase classes  to book.
  2. You can sign up to any class immediately, or add yourself to a waiting list. Alternatively use the  booking app or you can book through our Facebook page.
  3. Arrive in plenty of time for your class. If you are late, or don’t show up for your class, your space may be given to a stand-by client.
  4. All bikes have power meters, so you can link up with the very many cycling apps to get real time performance figures
  5. Towels and water are provided, but you may want to bring your own.
  6. Sessions work best with proper cycling shoes, but you can use normal trainers too.  We use standard SPD cleats.  We also have a good range of shoes to buy in the shop.
  7. If you’re interested is Performance Cycling then you should book yourself into one of our preliminary FTP test classes.

Lastly, remember to fill out the liability waiver form and feel free to read our full terms and conditions.